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Artwork templates

Please use these specifications when submitting artwork to Direct Corporate Design.  This includes artwork for screen and digital printing on to discs, digital business cards, inlays, inserts, tins and other packaging.

All files must be created using the guidelines below. Other formats, mediatypes and applications cannot be used as this may delay your project or necessitate the creation of in-house artwork at an additional cost.

Please include the name of the file to print on all TIFF and EPS documents such as logos and images. All images must be included, and all fonts must be embedded or converted to outlines, as specified below. Documents saved in PICT or RGB format cannot be accepted due to their low resolution. Files should be saved in CMYK or Pantone coated colours up to a maximum of five colours, including a white background.

Files should be created as a minimum of 300dpi, preferably 600dpi. When creating files in Photoshop, we suggest that layout software (such as Illustrator, Freehand or QuarkXpress) is used to include text.

Accepted File Formats

Direct Corporate Design can output your artwork from your own files, using documents created in:

  • Quark XPressArtwork Graphic 2
  • Illustrator (with fonts converted to outlines)
  • Freehand (with fonts converted to outlines)
  • Photoshop (graphics only, no typesetting)
  • Corel Draw (with fonts converted to outlines)

Both MAC and PC files are accepted.

Accepted Media

Please send files on any of the following media:

  • CD-R 
  • USB/Flash 
  • Electronic Transfer

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