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ReplicationHigh Volume Orders

If you require over 1000 CD, DVD or Blu-Ray units then our replication services are ideal for you. CD and DVD replication is more cost effective than other methods when dealing with long runs, CD and DVD replication utilises injection moulding technology to achieve top quality results. Direct Corporate Design prides itself as being one of the very best CD and DVD replicating companies in the UK.

  • 8-10 day turnaround
  • Screen or litho print
  • Glass Mastering
  • Minimum order quantity 1000 units


Replication Process


There are many advantages to choosing CD and DVD replication over duplication when it comes to high volume runs. Not only are unit costs lower than duplicating discs the CD and DVD replication process maintains the integrity of the data much better.

In addition to this, there are more options available for high volume runs such as being able to automatically assemble discs into jewel cases and other form of sleeves and cases.

CD and DVD replication and duplication both extract data in the same way at the start of the manufacturing process; however this is where the similarity ends. To most people there will be no discernible difference, but there are subtle differences when it comes to how the discs are finished.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further advice – every project is different.



The Replication Process

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