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10 Apr

Backing Up With Optical Media

Posted by Carl Cooley

Whether you’re a budding new photographer taking pictures here, there and everywhere or a professional studio, the amount of data needed these days seems to be ever increasing.  Similarly some of our own personal usage can easily start running into the 1000’s of images on your hard drive. 

Most PC’s and Mac’s these days come with a backup system recommended that allows you to automatically back up everything by hard drive which is ideal, but how many of us actually use it?

We’ve all heard those stories about hard drives failing, backup’s failing and even the backup of the backup failing. There’s nothing worse than losing all your files, whether its customer files or personal files you’ve collected over the years.   So what can we do?

Here @ DCD we’ve been supplying security clients such as the Police, NHS and Photography studio’s with a very inexpensive file management system to back up their workflow used on a job by job basis.  A simple bespoke printed DVD, dual layer DVD (8.5GB) or our most popular currently – BluRay (25GB / 50GB) is a very efficient way to store and backup images and video content.  The benefit of printing allows you to keep a record of vital archival information with a Grade AAA disc that looks professional and is easy to write on.

The advantage here is that once burnt and backed up, they can be easily indexed for filing and retrievable quickly when needed.

Most disc manufacture’s produce optical media that has a shelf life of around 100 years if they are kept in the right conditions, so worrying about degradation isn’t a problem (just keep them out of sunlight!). Some may say this seems to be an archaic way to keep and store data and to some degree we can understand that point of view.  However, what we have learnt is that optical media has been an invaluable way to store data needed at a later date.  For instance keeping images of health scans and evidential material such as CCTV can be a simple but effective approach and an indexed back up DVD of each photo session establishes a solid workflow easily managed and retrieved.  These are just some of the reasons why photography studios and security industries still use optical media to manage data and keeping your hard drive optimised and clutter free always has it’s advantages.

How much will it cost?

Discs have dropped in price significantly over the years and here at DCD we can supply a minimum of 100 printed discs at a time.   This low cost approach helps you as a buyer keep your overheads down and they are readily available within a few days.

Another back up strategy that is increasing on demand if file sizes are proving to be very large is to utilise USB’s.  However I hear you say “what’s the point when hard drives are available?”

In essence this is true but as a file management system, USB’s are another simple process to build an archival system which you can index and retrieve quickly.

With the decline of media usage in music and video we are happy that the optical media business is being supported in other areas.  The sentiment certainly seems to be that loosing data can be very painful for businesses, backing up to the cloud still has risks, and so using this type of workflow is certainly worth considering.


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