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26 Mar

5 Useful Ways to Keep The Kids Entertained whilst WFH

Posted by Rishita Devji

So the current situation is all about COVID-19, and you’re here to look at ways on how to harmonise working from home and keeping the kids entertained. You’ve come to the right place! 

Now you’re tasked with finding the best routine for your kids before you start to work from home. But for those times when you need quick and easy options, here are a few ways to keep your kids occupied so you can get your work done.

Create a designated space

It’s important that both you and your children feel as though you have a space of your own to be creative. Keep the space close enough so you can monitor your little tots from your chair, yet have distance so you can focus comfortably.

Encourage Independent Play

Puzzles and scrapbooking. These activities can still be a blast for the little ones and the best part is they tend to be time-consuming. So feel free to encourage your children to get crafty while you work from home and squeeze in a few hours of work.

Use technology to your advantage

Whether it is movie time or computer time, kids love it! So use it wisely. There are several websites that are educational and allow your children to be creative at the same time. Try sites like Crayola or Nasa Kid’s Club. Also, remember the right television works like magic. Put on the newest Disney movie when you’re on a strict deadline.

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Some work-at-home parents work during nap time and get a lot done. But this won't last forever. Keep in mind that napping habits change frequently. Don’t schedule important phone calls or figure on meeting a deadline during the nap time.

Because of the unreliability of nap time, we suggest planning non-essential, usually non-work tasks for nap time, i.e. resting, household chores, reading, etc. If you do get some professional work done, then that's a bonus.

Playing Outside

During this corona virus outbreak, we have been lucky to get warm weather. Depending on your home’s set-up, let the little ones run around in the garden, set up tea time/lunch outside, invest in outdoor equipment, or even let them do arts and crafts outside - should it not be windy. AND REMEMBER, USE SUN PROTECTION! 


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