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26 Mar

5 Useful Ways to Keep The Kids Entertained whilst WFH

Posted By Rishita Devji

So the current situation is all about COVID-19, and you’re here to look at ways on how to harmonise working from home and keeping the kids entertained. You’ve come to the right place! 

10 Apr

Backing Up With Optical Media

Posted By Carl Cooley

Whether you’re a budding new photographer taking pictures here, there and everywhere or a professional studio, the amount of data needed these days seems to be ever increasing.  Similarly some of our own personal usage can easily start running into the 1000’s of images on your hard drive. 

14 Mar

USB 2.0 Vs 3.0 - What’s The Difference?

Posted By Carl Cooley

USB flash drives are now a part of our daily lives from having them on our key rings to USB’s being used as giveaway promotional items.  80% of the orders we've fulfilled in the last year have been supplied as USB 2.0 instead of USB 3.0 but there does seem to be more enquiries for the newer version.

09 Jul

The CD and DVD Recycling Process

Posted By Jessica

The Compact Disc became commercially available in 1982. Originally CDs were used for storing audio data, but with the advancement of DVD (Digital Versatile Discs) and CD-ROMs (Compact Disc read-only memory); these plastic discs can now be used for storing computer software, games, and films. More recently, Blu-ray discs have been developed as the successor to DVDs.

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