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Screen Printing Durability & Quality


The vast majority of silk screen printings are used for design with the use of solid colours. 


A screen is made of porous, finely woven fabric (originally silk, but typically made of polyester or nylon) stretched over an aluminium frame. Areas of the screen are blocked off with a non-permeable material (a stencil), this is a positive of the image to be printed, open spaces indicate where the ink appears. The screen is placed on top of the disc ink is placed on top of the screen and a rubber blade (squeegee) is used to push the ink evenly into the screen openings and onto the disc. The ink passes through the open spaces in the screen onto the disc below.  If more than one colour is being printed on the same surface, the ink is rapidly dried under a UV lamp.  The process is repeated with another screen and different colour ink



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